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Plus, Mike reveals which specific investments he’s buying today (and why). 

  • Stocks have never traded so far ahead of earnings 
  • Bonds will fall with rising rates after historic 30-year run
  • Mortgage defaults are back at 2008 levels
  • ...corporate debt, student loans, credit card debt, margin debt, ALL at record highs and showing clear signs of cracking

The markets are about to change. Goldman Sachs’ head of trading warned their billionaire clients that the markets may “break” and not bounce back nearly as quickly this time around.

We are proud to present a exclusive web-only presentation with Mike Maloney, who reveals his game plan for the markets’ next leg down including the specific investments he owns (and why). And outlines his case it's coming sooner rather than later. 

Don’t miss your chance to learn directly from the man who warned the world ahead of the housing bubble, predicted the historic rise of Bitcoin, and whose book foretold the current day’s deflation and runaway stock prices. 

The “Everything” Bubble

Is About to Pop

If you have a sinking feeling that today’s economy is too good to be true, your gut is more accurate than you may realize…

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  • The S&P 500 has a higher P/E ratio than it did in 1929 and the market capitalization of all US stocks is larger than the economy itself. 
  • Real estate values are higher than the peak of the 2006-2007 bubble, according to the Shiller Home Price Index.
  • Personal, corporate, and national debt is at a combined all-time high of $70 trillion and counting.

But this time will be worse.

Baby Boomers, 1.6 billion people around the world, are nearing retirement age and withdrawing funds from the market.

They won’t have time to recover after a crash like they did in 2008. They’ll take what money they have left and run.

Meanwhile, the only ace up America’s sleeve, the U.S. dollar, could prove to be useless in a crisis.

The dollar’s status as world reserve currency is under threat from China, Russia, and other emerging economies that want to level the playing field.

The dollar is being used less and less in global trade. In fact, 40% of oil is now bought and sold in yuan (China’s currency).

This means we won’t be able to print our way out of trouble like last time.

Meanwhile, people are gorging on debt.

Student loans ($1.5 trillion), car loans ($1.1 trillion), and mortgage debt ($15 trillion) are at all-time highs.

60% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a surprise $500 expense.

In Europe, if you do save, there’s not even interest paid on savings accounts. Banks charge you for holding your money and then doing whatever they want with it.

Does that sound normal? Not at all.

And Mike has been saying we flew beyond normal decades ago. And he’s been right… Every. Single. Time.

As he has always done, Mike has spent countless hours, late nights, and long weeks researching and compiling the best possible presentation.

After all, exhaustive research is what Mike is famous for… but his easy-to-follow delivery is what makes him a highly sought-after speaker.

But instead of trying to catch Mike at a one-time conference, this time you can watch his new presentation over the internet.

You’ll be amazed at the magnitude of what Mike sees coming. It’s simply astounding how many factors are converging at once. One spark is all it will take to turn it into an inferno.

Members of the general public will be caught off-guard by these sudden market changes. As they always are.

Keep in mind, the default-rate on subprime mortgages (the loans that went bad) peaked around 8% during 2008.

Today, it’s nearly 5%. If a small increase in bad loans nearly brought the economy down before, what will it be the next time?

After watching Mike and learning his game plan for the months and years ahead, you’ll be able to sit back and relax knowing you are prepared for whatever comes.

What Mike sees on the horizon may be the biggest market opportunity of your lifetime: a way to lock in the gains from these record market highs, and then to build on them, even as others get knocked back a decade or more.

The last crash took 99% of the world completely by surprise -- will you be prepared?

Thousands have watched, re-watched, and studied the 3+ hours of insights and analysis and the response has been resounding:

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Part 2: 

Mike reveals a new indicator not found anywhere else called the Stock Fragility Index that measures the magnitude of today’s stock market bubble using a century+ of data. You’ll see just how top-heavy the market is and why (leverage and valuations exceed even those of 1929).

And you’ll learn about the Financialization of Government (FOG) which shows the recent correlation between stock market valuations and tax revenues, including possible outcomes of further government intervention in the markets. Plus, you’ll get every piece of evidence that shows bonds, stocks, and real estate are already in bubble territory and are extremely overvalued.


Part 1:

Mike shows you the most important thing he ever learned… how to accurately measure price vs. value. Once you start measuring the value of stocks, real estate, and commodities in terms of assets, you can determine which investments are undervalued and overvalued today. This is invaluable information for deciding which assets you should own and seeing what they are really worth by cutting through the fog of inflation (currency printing). Mike then shows you how putting this technique to use can help you see economic cycles in motion. And how a few decisions to move in and out of certain assets over time can have a lasting impact on your wealth.

Part 3:

Mike shares all the data that shows the U.S. dollar is just the latest in a long line of once-world-dominant, but inevitably doomed-to-fail fiat currencies, proving the remaining days of its reign as default international reserve currency are numbered.

You’ll also learn about several potential outcomes of this seismic shift in the global economy, including trade and currency wars. And how to capitalize on the consequences that could follow.

Part 4:

Mike covers the current state of the crypto markets including how they might perform in a crash and the best opportunities he sees now. You’ll learn which cryptos Mike owns (and why) including what percentage of his portfolio is allocated to each. Plus, when he’s taken profits and where he invests those profits.

Part 5:

Mike shows you all the potential energy stored up in the gold and silver markets and why the opportunity that has presented itself at this particular juncture in history is so exciting. What happens when over 100x the global buying power that drove the gold price from the $200s to $850 in the 1970s is unleashed?

In this compelling conclusion, learn why Mike sees silver as “gold on steroids,” and get the final word on Mike’s overall portfolio allocations between specific metals and cryptocurrencies. 

Presentation Breakdown: What’s Covered in

Mike Maloney’s "Early Warning"

Remember, the information you’ll discover in Mike Maloney’s “Early Warning” won’t likely appear in the mainstream press for some time.

And that’s okay. It’s better to be very early than even a second late.

When the world wakes up to this new reality, you’ll be ready.